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"Vishwaroopam"  kamal hasan dream movie is going to be released on 10th jan 2013 all over the world.

This is the first movie to be released in satellite dish box (DTH) in india .

The team of vishwaropam have taken precautions to braodcast the movie in STB at rs/-500

 If u pay 500 the movie is at ur dish box ready to be played by you, sitting at home..
 Many people are eager to watch the movie at home in their own setellite dish and  experience the difference.
Along with that many geeks are trying to record the movie in their dish box to make a copy  , but to the surprise the movie cannot be saved even if u have a hd-recorder satellite box,

Dont worry .  geeks are here to solve all your problems..

This tutorial helps you to save the movie in hd format  in your own pc.

step 1:  
            Recharge your DTH with Rs/- 500.
step 2:

          The time slot will be alloted to you on 10th if available .
step 3:
          wait for your turn
step 4:
      now actual work begins....
 connect your dth to your pc .

Step 5: You may wonder how to connect your DTH to Pc

Its just simple get a TV -tuner card for pc and connect your DTH to tv.

Step 6:  now you can watch tv channels in you pc windows  Media player or vlc player

step 7:
 open your channel in VLC player sand press CTRL+N
which shows network stream ,  select your channel and say convert or save,
step 8: select appropriate values.
step 9: the movie will be saved at the desired location you slected.
step 10: that's it you have succesfully saved the movie and you can watch it anytime any number of times.

Disclaimer : This can be used for education purpose only , the site takes no responsibility for the content copy ..This is just an idea by experts , it may work or may not work .. try at your own risks...