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Sri siddi vinayaka live darshan

"Sri siddhi vinayaka" live Darshan

.::Before U go for The Live Darshan Please Read the History Of this temple::.

Around 125 years ago, 'Shri Akkalkot Swami Samarth's great disciple, Late Ramakrishna Jambhekar Maharaj, who was also ardent devotee of Lord Ganesh and Gayatri Mantra was blessed with Assyssinian ( Siddhi ).

 One day, 'Swami Samarth' asked 'Shri Jambhekar' to bring divine idols.
Out of the idols, except two idols, Swami Samarth told to bury in the front courtyard of the house of Swami Samarth's another disciple Shri Cholappa, where Swami Samarth used to temporarily reside.
'Shri Jambhekar' was also told to inhume remaining two idols in front of Lord Ganesh that he usually worshipped.
During his attendance with Swami Samarth, Shri Jambhekar foretold that a Mandaar tree would grow on the place after 21 years, Swayambhu ( Swayambhu ) Ganesh would appear on the sacred place.

"From that onward people's devotion would grow in leaps and beyond."

"""" This is the History Of This temple.
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